Global Network

Advanced technology in diagnostic medicine from Brazil to the world

IONIC Health's headquarters is located in the Technology Park of São José dos Campos (PqTec), in the Vale do Paraíba region, in the state of São Paulo, and has a technological production base of software and hardware, with the entire structure of robotics, mechatronics, data and artificial intelligence.

In Brazil, it also has an office in São Paulo, capital, which is currently its operational base.

IONIC Health Presence:

Europe (Porto - Portugal);

Latin America (Buenos Aires - Argentina);

North America (New York - United Stated)

Who are IONIC Health's customers?

IONIC Health's solutions meet the challenges of its customers around the world and can be integrated and used by equipment from different types of manufacturers.

More than 300 CT, MRI, and ultrasound equipment are monitored, in addition to structured report issuance and voice recognition solutions that are applied to various brands. In addition, it provides services and offers personalized attention to each client within the digital patient journey.

Woman looking at screen with medical reports