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Digital sensing and Internet of Things (IoT) platform for remote monitoring of different types of clinical engineering and infrastructure equipment

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Geração de Analytics

Experiência focada em resultados. Crie seus laudos estruturados e explore padrões de resultados e semelhanças entre diagnósticos e colete dados.

Segurança Médica

Sistema inteligente capaz de diminuir a incidência de erros, além de descrever de forma automatizada a análise e a opinião médica.

Alta Performance

Cálculos automáticos e padronizações ajustadas que permitem aumento de produtividade, garantindo a qualidade dos laudos emitidos.

Plataforma Web

Ambiente online que conecta médicos radiologistas com uma base de mais de 800 patologias na especialidade de Ultrassonografia.

API nReport

Integração dos dados dos laudos com o sistema de PACS-RIS de forma rápida e segura.

Modo Off-line

Melhora o desempenho da plataforma em ambientes com instabilidade de conexão com a internet.

Platform description

Understand the details behind our service

In today’s fast-paced healthcare environment, achieving operational efficiency and performance is critical to achieving a positive patient experience and a compliant organization. For this reason, Ionic Health has developed nSensor using the best in the IoT field.

We know that clinical engineering departments must be able to implement solutions that provide real-time visibility into equipment performance and infrastructure so they can proactively detect issues before they impact patient care. This is known as “Intelligent Monitoring” or “Intelligent Operational Analytics” (IOA).

As clinical engineers continue to adopt new technology to improve the patient experience, organizations need an intelligent monitoring solution that is both cost-effective and simple to deploy. To inform you better about nSensor benefits, we have compiled a list of the benefits of intelligent monitoring in clinical engineering.

nSensor provides real-time visibility while monitoring clinical equipment to detect issues and make informed decisions before they impact patient care. It offers a number of benefits, including:

Faster identification of device and infrastructure issues
Improved operational efficiency
Reduced risk of regulatory noncompliance
Reduction in energy usage
Improved patient experience and satisfaction
Reduced overall costs
Remote operation
Integration with any IoT sensor available

Monitor and manage clinical engineering equipment


Digital sensing and Internet of Things (IoT) platform for remote monitoring of different types of clinical engineering and infrastructure equipment


Monitored equipment

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IoT data
(factors external to the equipment)

Remote and real-time monitoring

With the support of hardware and software, it is possible to monitor different types of environments, parameters (temperature, humidity, electrical and electromagnetic magnitudes) and equipment, such as Magnetic Resonance, Computerized Tomography, vaccine refrigerators, freezers, conservation chambers, among others

Automatic and predictive calls

Combined with the use of the monitoring platform (nMonitor) it enables calls to be opened, respectively, without user participation, allowing problems to be dealt with quickly

Local and Cloud Data Storage

In cases of internet failures data continues to be collected, is stored locally for up to 30 days and as soon as the connection is normalised it is synchronised in the cloud

IoT - Equipment integration

Integrated sensors that control all the variables capable of affecting the useful life of the equipment and issue alerts and notifications of non-conformities even before the equipment stops working

Most satisfied customers

Greater control, management and reduction of downtime improve customer perception of service quality

Prediction and proactivity

It brings structured information from the large volume of data collected by the sensors, allowing analysis and early action to resolve failures and drastically reduce the chances of downtime and financial losses

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Monitoring & IoT

Real-time monitoring of clinical engineering and infrastructure equipment


Detection (IoT) for remote monitoring of clinical engineering equipment and infrastructure.


Teleoperation & Remote Control

Remote control of clinical equipment


Real-time access, collaboration, support and training of clinical equipment


Structured Reports

Preparation of diagnostic imaging reports with analysis.


Voice recognition for medical reports in Portuguese language.