Digital Services

Your company can rely on a solid foundation of digital services and information technology specialized in the healthcare sector to meet the demands of your business.

We manage and support hundreds of platforms, systems, thousands of servers and millions of users in critical environments. We can make a difference in transforming your business with on-demand technical support, project implementation, and real-time monitoring.

Supporting the patient's journey

Solid experience in patient journey analysis.
Supporting digital transformation with direct impact on access, efficiency results and service quality.

Origin & awareness

By monitoring the usage data of the healthcare system we can generate insights to predictively act on identifiable deficiencies within the system.

Initial contact

From online appointment booking to asset logistics we can facilitate both the patient and healthcare professional to an improved  workflow experience.

Health Status Assessment

It can help your doctor determine the best treatment options and identify any signs or symptoms that may require additional attention.


Physicians and other providers can monitor their patient’s health records, refill prescriptions, schedule appointment reminders, and more.


To ensure the best possible experience. Providers should offer a range of post-care options depending on the patient's needs, such as telemedicine visits, remote monitoring, or in-person follow-up appointments. Additionally, receiving feedback from your patients is essential to ensure a positive experience from start to finish.

Continued care

It's essential to maintain open communication with the patients, especially in the case of chronic diseases. It's critical to follow up to check how they are doing with their treatment plan and if any issues need to be addressed. It's also important to offer resources for additional support if required.


This method allows for a more efficient and continuous workflow while adding more value to each process step.
With expertise, we apply the agile method to our client's projects with an elegant vision of governance to provide more consistent results within shorter deadlines.

Agile projects
  • Design thinking
  • Scrum methodology
  • Lean processes
  • PMO
  • Project Office
  • IT projects
  • Digital innovation
Agile governance
  • Strategic Planning, operational OKR, BSC
  • Budget and Lean cash flow
  • Quality certifications
  • Risk assessment
  • Advanced analytics
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Digital transformation

Digital transformation is happening all around us, and healthcare is not an exception to this rule. There is a growing consensus that digital transformation is the only way forward for the healthcare industry.

Digital transformation has the potential to improve healthcare delivery, increase access to care, and reduce costs. However, to achieve these goals, the industry must first overcome several significant challenges, including widespread adoption of Electronic Health Records, data integration from wearable devices, and adoption of telemedicine.

You may be wondering how digital transformation will impact your organization. Without a doubt, it will increase access to care and reduce costs.

Business intelligence

Enter data science. Thanks to the vast quantities of data generated within healthcare systems and the volume of data amassed outside of them, thanks to Internet-connected devices and sensors, the industry has become prime territory for data scientists. With their skill sets, these scientists have the power to transform the healthcare landscape.

It is now possible to track and monitor patient progress remotely. Data-driven insights can be leveraged to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of healthcare. As a result of these benefits, hospital executives and administrators are considering business intelligence as a critical enabler of their digital transformation initiatives. Moreover, health plans, payers, and other stakeholders demand transparency into hospitals' performance across various performance indicators, such as patient experience and outcomes, patient safety, and infection control.


Intelligence visualization models are designed to highlight key performance indicators based on pre-defined data models.

  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Qlik Sense
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Web application development

Broad adoption is further fueled by the presence of open source systems like Open source JavaScript frameworks, Node.js, Meteor, React, Vue, Angular, etc. They offer a level playing field for all stakeholders and are likely to be adopted by the industry much faster.

The application works on any device with an internet connection. It is the best option for telemedicine and m-learning. An open-source and modular architecture allows for easy customization for various business needs. It is the best bet for creating an enterprise-grade web application.

From mobile devices to desktops, everyone can access the system. And it's not only about the variety of instruments.

Mobile application development

Mobile apps are the most prominent way for patients to engage with health care providers and access services. In today’s world, most people are connected to the internet via their mobile devices.

Mobile apps are easy to download and convenient to use whenever and wherever you need them. Moreover, most mobile devices are now “smart” and can be used as health monitoring devices with the help of sensors.

Health monitoring apps are now widely used, and we can see a massive surge in the usage of wearable devices shortly. Mobile apps provide a safe, convenient, and reliable way for patients to engage with health care providers, receive treatment, and manage their health and wellness.

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UX Design

A user-friendly, intuitive design can significantly reduce the stress and anxiety of patients by making the process as easy as possible.

A UX-friendly solution can dramatically improve the overall experience of the patient and help to reduce the likelihood of them abandoning their journey to better health in the future.

By designing for a positive experience, you will help people to stay engaged with their care, ultimately leading to better health outcomes.

IT Shared management

Installation and support for the information technology infrastructure.

IT Support

Specialized, remote, and on-demand service in Information Technology.




Monitored Links


Monitored Servers


Monitored Stations


Monitored Firewalls

  • Security Specialists
  • Computing & Cloud Specialists
  • Microsoft MVPs
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ISO 270001LGPD

Our information security experts are dedicated to keeping customers safe and compliant with laws and regulations. Protect valuable information and comply with the data privacy policy by adopting established governance frameworks.

Acting in the information security market in the areas of security solution implementation, IT governance, vulnerability management, risk assessment, incident response, and crisis management.

  • Information security assessment.
  • Software and API code security evaluation.
  • Development environment security assessment.
  • Implementation of security procedures.
  • Information Security Management.
  • Threat monitoring.