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In the medical field, details are everything. Even a small mistake could lead to misdiagnosis or incorrect treatment and cause serious implications for the patient. To keep reports organized, clean, and concise, many physicians find ways to streamline their documentation practices. Writing better reports is often one of the most time-consuming tasks for doctors. This is because medical report writing requires concise and structured sentences that are clear and easy to understand.

We created this article with the intention of sharing with you the benefits of working with nReport, a software created and developed by Ionic Health that can improve your report documentation workflow from start to finish. nReport is designed to make your work more efficient so that you have more time for other things (like taking new patients).

Our sentence builder for medical report writing software can help you create clean, structured sentences with ease. This builder solution enables you to select from a library of sentence parts (like nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs) to create custom sentences. This software can be especially helpful when you need to write sentences that are specific to your medical field.

In an interactive environment, it can help you write sentences like “the patient has a body mass index of 27” and “the patient’s skin is pink”. If you’re looking for sentence builder software for a structured report, nReport is the best solution: it’s compatible with the most used computer systems nowadays.

Using nReport, you will have a reliable solution for a medical report. It is software that enables you to create a structured report with ease. You simply type the report into the software, and the AI documenter will create a clean report for you. AI documenters can be beneficial for a variety of people in the medical field. But they’re especially helpful for physicians who struggle with documentation. nReport makes it easy to add information and save your work.

Custom field according to your needs
Web platform connected to more than 800 ultrasound pathologies
Off-line mode
nReport API for quick and safe integration
Reports exploring patterns between diagnoses
Automated calculations and patterns

Monitor and manage clinical engineering equipment


nReport is designed to make your exam reports more efficient so that you have more time for other things.

+ 1300

Registered doctors


Reports issued in the
last 6 months


Total reports

Custom Terms

The native structured report can be customised according to your needs. Change auto texts and masks thinking about agility and accuracy.

Web Platform

Online environment that connects radiologists with a database of more than 800 pathologies in the ultrasound specialty.

nReport API

Integration of the reports data with the PACS-RIS system in a quick and safe way.

Analytics Generation

Experience focused on results. Create your structured reports and explore patterns of results and similarities between diagnoses and collect data.

Off-line mode

Improves platform performance in unstable internet connection environments.

High Performance

Automatic calculations and adjusted standardizations that allow an increase in productivity, guaranteeing the quality of the reports issued.

Medical Security

Intelligent system capable of reducing the incidence of errors, as well as describing the analysis and medical opinion in an automated manner.

Termos Customizados

O laudo estruturado nativo pode ser customizado de acordo com a sua necessidade. Altere auto-textos e máscaras pensando em agilidade e acurácia.

Geração de Analytics

Experiência focada em resultados. Crie seus laudos estruturados e explore padrões de resultados e semelhanças entre diagnósticos e colete dados.

Segurança Médica

Sistema inteligente capaz de diminuir a incidência de erros, além de descrever de forma automatizada a análise e a opinião médica.

Alta Performance

Cálculos automáticos e padronizações ajustadas que permitem aumento de produtividade, garantindo a qualidade dos laudos emitidos.

Plataforma Web

Ambiente online que conecta médicos radiologistas com uma base de mais de 800 patologias na especialidade de Ultrassonografia.

API nReport

Integração dos dados dos laudos com o sistema de PACS-RIS de forma rápida e segura.

Modo Off-line

Melhora o desempenho da plataforma em ambientes com instabilidade de conexão com a internet.

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