The software-based remote solution

Experience the future of medical imaging remote scanning, training and assessment with the nCommand Lite system.


Designed for diagnostic centers seeking to amplify their capabilities, nCommand Lite facilitates remote scanning through a web application, delivering real-time scanning capabilities, remote guidance and operational support to on-site technologists from any location.


Multi-modality: compatible with MRI, CT and PET-CT scanners


Multi-session: improve operational efficiency and access in a safe way


Multi-vendor: compatible with all major manufacturers

Off-the-shelf Components

IT Hardware components that enable remote capabilities are all off-the-shelf, providing scalability and flexibility

Software Based

Software-based solution accessible through web application

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Licensed technologists can utilize nCommand Lite's remote scanning capabilities to address the shortage of experienced local professionals in distant regions, bolster staff expertise through real-time, web-based guidance for immersive training and professional development, provide immediate support during exams, and enable global collaboration that overcomes geographical barriers, ensuring access to high-quality expertise from any location.

  • Real-time remote scanning
  • Training & skill development
  • Real-time support and guidance
  • No distance Barriers
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nCommand Lite enhances patient safety and operational integrity by empowering local technologists with complete access control over medical devices, securing each session with unique credentials, and maintaining multi-vendor compatibility for secure, one-to-one connections during operations.

  • User-Governed Access
  • Secure Session Management
  • Exclusive Connectivity
nCommand Lite is an FDA-cleared medical device. Availability in other markets is subject to local regulatory approvals.

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