Research & Education

IONIC Health is committed to innovation, scientific knowledge, and educational development

Innovation is in our DNA. Through dialogue with problems of a real society, we want to collaborate to find the answers that lead to the development of health in Brazil. Which is impossible without scientific research and the intensive production of knowledge.

Furthermore, we believe in the power of stimulating young people to develop not only technical skills, but also those that promote social quality and that are able to collaborate in the formation of more human beings. We believe that it is a duty of society and not only of educational institutions.

These are some of the commitments of IONIC Health. To support these pillars, we maintain educational and scientific research actions with several universities around the country.

Get to know IONIC Health's main partner institutions:



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IONIC Health is at the forefront of medical device innovation, emphasizing the essential role of tech partnerships to transcend limits. Collaborating with industry leaders elevates products with advanced solutions, shaping the future of healthcare. These partnerships explore innovative areas, ensuring devices exceed expectations. Together, they shape an efficient healthcare ecosystem, reaffirming a commitment to excellence and leadership in medical technology.

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Partner institutions

Discover the future with IONIC Health, where partnering witheducational institutions is more than a strategy – it's a revolution inmedical device technology. IONIC Health understands thatknowledge is power, especially in such a dynamic field. Therefore,we are committed to building robust bridges between cutting-edgeinnovations and the professionals who implement them. Ourpartnerships with educational institutions are not justcollaborations, but strategic alliances that provide advancedtraining, continuous educational resources, and comprehensivesupport for the implementation of new technologies. With IONICHealth, professionals not only stay ahead of industry trends, butalso become leaders in the evolution of medicine. Join us at IONICHealth to raise the standard of medical technologies and driveprogress that resonates beyond borders, transforming healthcarearound the world.

Our clients

Recognition obtained

Partnerships between Teaching and Research institutions with IONIC Health go back a long way and have already yielded important recognitions.

10th place in the 1st edition of the RSNA Pneumonia Detection Challenge 2018.
The competition was attended by more than 1,400 teams from around the world. Among the teams from Brazil and Latin America, DASA-FIDI-IARA-NESS was the only one to receive the gold medal by winning 10th place overall.

Silver Medal in the RSNA Pneumonia Detection Challenge 2019.
The team formed by FIDI-IARA-NESS was awarded the silver medal in the "Artificial Intelligence" challenge with the project "Detection of intracranial haemorrhage in skull CT scans". A total of 1,345 teams from all over the world took part in the competition.

1st place in Public Call CCT/SDE nº 5 2020.
The project "Innovative Technological Solutions for the Digital Patient Journey in the Diagnostic Imaging Area of the Hospital of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo - HCFMUSP", with the challenge "Remote Operation of Imaging Exams", took first place.

To find out about our initiatives to support scientific research and educational actions, please contact us.