Innovation in diagnostic medicine

A little bit of our history...

To understand who we are today, it is important to know our origins.

In 1991 the company NESS Technology was born with a focus on innovation and transformation, delivering results with speed and security. Like the world and technology, over the years, the company has also undergone constant transformations.

In 2017, its three main verticals of operation: health, legal and security began to follow their own paths.

And from a spin off in 2019, NESS Health was born, which enters the discussion of innovation and digital transformation in the field of diagnostic medicine, as well as the desire to contribute to the improvement of health and bring better efficiency to the Digital Patient Journey.

But the changes did not stop, requiring not only further technological advances, but also a more prominent positioning.

The time had come for our own identity, based on the principles that guide our field. To embody in our history an element that would bring out and be able to really connect with our essence.

And that's when, in 2021, IONIC Health was born.



NESS Technology foundation


Health business unit development


Creation of the NESS Health vertical


NESS Health spin-off from NESS Technology

  • Over 50 clients
  • NESS Health was rebranded as IONIC Health
  • New hardware & robotics plant in SJC Tech-Park

Global positioning expansion in Latin America, Europe, and the United States


SJC Tech-Park software factory established and hardware factory expansion

IONIC Health is a 100% Brazilian company, specialized in innovation and transformation for health.

We operate in...

Diagnostic imaging
Clinical analysis
Clinical engineering management
Supplementary health
Veterinary medicine

Our portfolio of solutions addresses the dimensions of effectiveness, safety, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and implementation potential, generating transparent decision-making criteria, fairness and comparability between different interventions for different modalities in diagnostic medicine.