Monitor and manage clinical engineering equipment

Monitor all equipment in real time on a single digital platform;
Monitor calls from wherever you are;
Monitor the problem before it happens.

Platform description

Understand the details behind our service

nMonitor was specially designed to bring the top benefits of smart remote monitoring in clinical engineering environments, focusing on reduced downtime and improved performance. When various equipment and devices within your facility are remotely monitored, you’re more likely to catch problems before they become critical, dramatically reducing downtime.

Remote monitoring also allows engineers to identify potential issues with ease so they can swiftly manage resources to address these problems and ensure the most critical systems are operating as expected.

Additionally, remote monitoring systems can be programmed to alert engineers when tasks are completed so they can move on to the next one without having to constantly micro-manage their teams.

These opportunities for improvement created by nMonitor can be crucial to decreasing outlays on medical equipment. Remote monitoring can also be used to identify potential enhancements in workflow, processes, and governance.

nMonitor is able to direct maintenance calls, but also to alert about the end of life of the equipment, relying on the main indicators to intelligently manage the entire portfolio of your clinical engineering team.

You should consider nMonitor when talking about clinical equipment management:

Downtime visibility and control
Preventive maintenance schedule
Forecasts of cost vs value of the equipment
Supplier contract management
Mobile application for the maintenance team

Monitor and manage clinical engineering equipment


Monitors in real time, on a single digital platform, all clinical engineering equipment, transforming, digitalising and making infrastructure management smarter.

+ 50,000

Monitored equipment


Clinical engineering calls

Strategic indicators dashboard

In a single digital platform it is possible to access dashboards, relevant information of all equipment such as integrated uptime, SLA service levels and calls, thus speeding up the decision making process.


Organise, control and bring efficient results by sending, feedbacking and prioritising work orders according to the criticality of the equipment and the type of stoppage, both on the web platform and on the application, allowing you to open your calls through our bot in Whatsapp.


Greater process control, contract management, inventory management and reduction of losses due to downtime, which increase the efficiency of the entire structure and teams, improving the client's perception of the quality of the service provided.


Integrated management of remote nCommand operation with view of indicators and sending of preventive maintenance alerts, such as the exchange of tomography coils, for example.

Increased interactivity and productivity

Calls can be opened by bot via whatsapp or by QR Code, directed and followed up assertively, optimising the process and increasing not only the interactivity between technicians, but also of the units aided by the geolocation of the team and the equipment.

Medical physics management

Management of the calibration agenda and of the medical physics reports for legal compliance and reduction of equipment breakdowns. Management of dosimeters for the technical team.

Automatic and predictive calls

Combined with the use of sensors, of the nSensor platform, and artificial intelligence algorithms, it enables calls to be opened, respectively, without the user's participation and based on equipment operating parameters, allowing problems to be dealt with quickly, in advance and proactively.

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