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Voice recognition software is becoming increasingly common in healthcare, as it can make reporting more efficient and accurate. For this reason, Ionic Health has developed IARA using the best tools in voice recognition technology. IARA allows medical professionals to create documents quickly and accurately without the need for typing. This means they can spend less time on reporting and more time caring for patients.

Using high-tech devices, IARA is a voice recognition software that makes it possible for medical professionals to dictate notes directly into patient records instead of having to write them out by hand. It’s also useful for speech-impaired individuals who wouldn’t be able to type or take dictation manually but who can still speak clearly enough that voice recognition software can understand them.

IARA is a great tool for any medical professional who reports regularly, particularly if they have a lot of information to report in each document. If you’re interested in using voice recognition software at work, here is what you need to know about IARA voice recognition technology and how it can be used by medical professionals in various fields.

IARA voice recognition software is a computer program that uses speech recognition to convert spoken audio into written text. It’s designed to interpret human speech and generate a machine-readable output.

There are many different ways to use voice recognition software, but most of them involve the following steps:

Recording Audio

You begin the process by recording the audio you want to be converted into text. This can be an audio file you create on your own or an audio clip recorded directly into the software you are working with.

Voice Processing

Once you’ve got your audio previously recorded, the next step is to process it. This means adjusting the audio clip so it’s as accurate as possible and then converting it into text using voice recognition technology.

Data capture in the hospital context

Medical prescription and exam order
Procedures and surgical description
Nursing  notes and data entry in the electronic medical record
Insertion of any type of text in the electronic medical record by voice

Monitor and manage clinical engineering equipment


IARA is a Brazilian Startup created in 2018 that has been transforming the market of voice recognition in health in Portuguese language, more specifically in the areas of radiology, pathology and veterinary medicine.


Made in Brazil

15 million

Audio transcribed on the platform




Faster than typing


Integrated RIS/PACS systems

Specialized vocabulary

A solution specialized in medical context and lexicon, increasing transcription accuracy compared to generic speech recognition solutions

Voice command

Convert voice commands into customizable report masks and phrases, enabling increased efficiency and quality of your reports

Artificial Intelligence

The platform uses artificial intelligence to convert voices, accents and expressions into medical texts with high accuracy. As higher the frequency of use, the more it learns and adapts to the user

Text editor

A solution able to be used in external text editors, whether in an app like Word, or in the RIS/PACS system, even without integration. Just position the mouse cursor and record an audio! Ease, agility and usability!


The platform is compatible with any microphone, including shortcuts for using SpeechMike®. Real-time transcription running on your operating system; Mac OS® or Windows®

Wide funcionality

Run any kind of voice command, either from a medical record or even to turn the lights on and off

Specialized support

Guidance for patients from network of hospitals and resolving queries via chatbot. Assistance to patients in search for specialists and exams performed

Text processing and comprehension

Recognition of text elements such as organs, diagnoses, with or without contrast utilization, name of procedure performed.This data can then be used for subsequent code assignment diagnostic standards (ICD-10) or even billing tables: CBHPM, AMB, etc.

Iara complete logo
IARA is used throughout Brazil and Portugal
Covering all diversity of expressions and accents
National and international representation
Brazil flagPortugal flag

We have a considerable number of simultaneous daily users.
Recently we reached the mark of 400 users recording audios in a single day.

Research and Projects
IARA is committed to the development of research projects, motivated by the need of our employees, partner companies and customers.

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