Operate equipment

Remote operation of magnetic resonance and computed tomography equipment through a digital platform that combines robotics, hardware and software

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O laudo estruturado nativo pode ser customizado de acordo com a sua necessidade. Altere auto-textos e máscaras pensando em agilidade e acurácia.

Geração de Analytics

Experiência focada em resultados. Crie seus laudos estruturados e explore padrões de resultados e semelhanças entre diagnósticos e colete dados.

Segurança Médica

Sistema inteligente capaz de diminuir a incidência de erros, além de descrever de forma automatizada a análise e a opinião médica.

Alta Performance

Cálculos automáticos e padronizações ajustadas que permitem aumento de produtividade, garantindo a qualidade dos laudos emitidos.

Plataforma Web

Ambiente online que conecta médicos radiologistas com uma base de mais de 800 patologias na especialidade de Ultrassonografia.

API nReport

Integração dos dados dos laudos com o sistema de PACS-RIS de forma rápida e segura.

Modo Off-line

Melhora o desempenho da plataforma em ambientes com instabilidade de conexão com a internet.

Note: Market availability is subject to local regulatory approvals.

Discover the Platform

Discover nCommand, the innovative platform that transforms the remote operation ofMagnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computed Tomography (CT) equipment.Through a unique combination of hardware and software, nCommand providesaccess to specialized operators to manage imaging equipment from anywhere in theworld. Our software ensures efficient virtualization and secure transmission ofcontrols, while the hardware guarantees precise and reliable operation, focused onpatient safety

This technology not only opens new horizons for patient care and hospital efficiency,but also redefines the way medical imaging is conducted. The Robot, the centralelement of our technology, physically interacts with the equipment like a localtechnician, enabling remote operation with the same effectiveness and precision.nCommand represents a significant step towards a more connected and efficientfuture in the field of healthcare, offering professionals a revolutionary tool to improvepatient care.

Highlights of nCommand

Operational Adaptability and Precision

With cutting-edge robotic technology,
our digital platform automates and remotely controls Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computed Tomography scans, ensuring high quality in patient care.

Strategic Business Information

Access key indicators, metrics, and operational information in real time through an intelligent control panel, facilitating decision-making and protocol improvement.

Enhanced Productivity and Resource Optimization

Enables specialists to operate multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously, optimizing schedule
management and expanding service capacity, including emergencies.

Efficient Patient Communication

An integrated audio and video system ensures clear and secure communication between the operator and the patient, maintaining an efficient care flow.

Safety and Protection for Professionals

Remote and real-time operation reduces radiological risks for professionals, promoting a safer and healthier work environment.

Standardized Protocols and Assured Quality

Our platform enables service in remote areas with quality control and standardization of protocols.

Advanced Technical Learning Center

Promotes interaction and knowledge exchange between biomedical technicians, radiologists, and physicians, benefiting patients with faster and more effective care.

Advanced Technology and Interoperability

Based on advanced web technology, nCommand integrates with equipment from various brands, offering a fast, adaptable, and user-friendly solution.

Platform description

Understand the details behind our service

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a diagnostic tool that uses magnetic fields and radio waves to create images of the body. MRI scans are used to diagnose a variety of diseases and conditions, including brain tumours, spinal cord injuries, stroke, carotid artery disease, hemorrhage, and many others. Here we tell you all about nCommand, a high-tech software developed by IONIC Health that promotes the remote operation of equipment for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) used in healthcare facilities.

It also details tasks related to nCommand remote operation of MRI scanners and explains why it’s so important to have remote operation capabilities in your facility.

nCommand also offers a chat device that gives the possibility to talk to other professionals in the same room or in the location where the exam is being conducted (voice messages can be sent to the operator or the patient). Furthermore, preset shortcuts, key indicators, metrics and operational information available on-screen increase efficiency and agility for the operator.

Controlling the MRI scanner from the Command Center (a remote location) instead of the control room inside the MRI suite has many advantages:

Easier, faster and more accurate control of the scanner
Reduced patient time inside the MRI
Better ergonomics for the staff performing remote operations
Better visualization of the images
Remote operation can reduce the risks associated with ferromagnetic materials entering the MR magnet
More control over the environment inside the MRI suite
Better control over scanning parameters and patient safety
Lower maintenance costs and lower risks related to service calls
Easier, faster and more accurate control of the scanner
Reduced patient time inside the MRI
Better ergonomics for the staff performing remote operations
Better visualization of the images
Remote operation can reduce the risks associated with ferromagnetic materials entering the MR magnet
More control over the environment inside the MRI suite
Better control over scanning parameters and patient safety
Lower maintenance costs and lower risks related to service calls

Monitor and manage clinical engineering equipment

Adaptability and precision in operation

Using robotics resources, the digital platform controls in an automated and remote way the execution of Magnetic Resonance and Computed Tomography exams, ensuring the quality attributes in patient care. The technology was developed to guarantee adaptability and precision in the operation

Key business information

Based on key indicators, metrics and operational information, available on a single intelligent dashboard in real time, it is possible to make decisions and also promote improvements in protocols, manage service cycles, develop human capital and inspire behavioural changes

Increased productivity and optimisation of resources

The platform allows the same specialist to operate more than one piece of equipment simultaneously, making the management of agendas and professionals more intelligent. With this, it is possible to expand the offer of exams, prioritise emergency care and also optimise and speed up the planning of professional schedules that promote value-based diagnostic medicine

Efficient communication with the patient

An audio and video system ensures communication between operator and patient and that the whole process is carried out safely without interfering with the flow of care. All in real time

Safety and health protection for professionals

The remote, real-time operation of computerized tomography and magnetic resonance equipment protects professionals working on the front line from radiological risks (in the case of tomography equipment), helping to maintain an effective health promotion and protection strategy

Standardised protocols

The platform not only allows remote regions to be serviced, but also carries out quality control and standardisation of the protocols used

Technical learning centre

One of the effective gains is the greater professional interaction between biomedical, radiological technicians and physicians, the patient being the greatest beneficiary due to a faster and more effective action. The approach has a multiple perspective, interdisciplinary, participatory, in which the intervention on the health-disease process results in the interaction and exchange of knowledge among the various professionals involved

Advanced technology and interoperability

Based on advanced web technology, the nCommand can be integrated with equipment from several brands. Besides the agility in the implementation, processes adaptable to the user's needs, the solution is user friendly

nCommand Generation 2.0 Robot
Winner of the iF Design Award and German Design Award in 2023

The nCommand Generation 2.0 Robot revolutionizes medical operations by remotely operating MRI and CT equipment. It has received recognition in global competitions and is set to launch in Brazil, promising increased access, efficiency, and quality in healthcare.

Note: Market availability is subject to local regulatory approvals.

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